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Since ancient times, food conservation has always been a concern of mankind. The technique used to make jam is an important chapter in this story, as it was created to preserve different types of fruit.
It is possible to make jam with pieces of fruit or with the pulp beaten and passed through a sieve, to become more transparent.
There is jelly from a multitude of fruits, but some are better because they contain more pectin (a natural substance that gives consistency to the preparation),
The word ‘jelly’ has its origin in the French ‘gelée’, which means to solidify or gel. Kings and queens served jellies in silver dishes and offered them to their guests.
The origin of canned fruit – jams, jellies and candied fruits – is credited to the Arabs, more precisely to the Mesopotamians, who used it, above all, for medicinal purposes.

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Apple/cinamon, Apricot, Banana with rum, Blackberry, Cherry, Ginger, Grape with White wine, mango, Mint, Peach, Pineapple, Pineapple/chili, Pineapple/Pear/Lemon, Red Fruits, Red Wine, Strawberry, Strawberry with Chili, Tangerine