Brazilian Way Art

+44 7803 777985

London, United Kingdom

Terms and Conditions

– All of our models are made of fine fabrics and papers, with decorative details. We work with pre-orders, at least 15 days for delivery, depending on the quantity;
– We customize according to your party, as long as fabrics and colors are available;
– The minimum purchase order quantity is 10 units;
– In the case of missing fabric in the exact color and texture shown in the photo / model, we will make the models with approximate fabrics. The customer will be notified and will be made after acceptance;
– Payment must be made at the time of purchase, through our website or via bank transfer;
– The shipping will be calculated at the time of purchase, depending on the quantity;
– Purchases over £ 50.00 will have free shipping throughout the UK;
– The products are sold as packaging only and the sweets can be purchased separately, according to availability at the shop;
– In case of purchase of the packaging and the candy / chocolate, the packaging will remain ready to be used in the decoration.;
– We delivery all over the UK.

– We work with advance orders, at least 10 days in advance;
– The minimum quantity is 10 units for candies/truffles or chocolates, 500 gr for biscuits/Sequilhos and the jams will be offered in gift kits;
– Candies/truffles and chocolates are sold separately from luxury packaging. If you want to purchase them already packaged and ready for decoration, check out our models on our website.

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